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Where to Find Hidden Stashes in Contraband Police

Where to Find Hidden Stashes in Contraband Police
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Occasionally, you’ll have to leave your Border Post in Contraband Police. There are a variety of side activities you can do, one of which involves digging up hidden stashes full of counterfeit cash!

There are a number of hidden stashes to find in Contraband Police, and finding them is a great way to make a quick buck. We’ll show you where to find hidden stashes in Contraband Police.

Hidden stash locations in Contraband Police

Throughout the border area, there are hidden stashes buried away. These stashes belonged to someone named Oberankov, and if you manage to find one of these stashes, you can pocket the money for yourself.

Before you go hunting for hidden stashes, be sure to grab at least two shovels from Vlad’s, as you need to dig them up before you can open them.

Hidden stash #1

Head towards the Police Base from the Border Post to area B6. There’s a small hill you can walk up, and near a cliffside is the hidden stash.

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Hidden stash #2

Head northwest from the Sawmill to reach area D5. There’s a large clearing with a pond in the middle—the stash is a bit further behind it.

Hidden stash #3

Head west from the Cemetery onto the dirt road. On the side of the road at E8, you should see a wrecked truck with a bunch of trash; the hidden stash is behind the truck.

Hidden stash #4

Directly south of the Sawmill at the border of F/E6 is a stash hidden between some large rocks.

Hidden stash #5

Drive to G5 coming from the north. When you get to the bridge, get out of your car and walk up the hill to the left. You should see the stash dirt mound by some large rocks.

Hidden stash #6

Head south to border of I6/7. The hidden stash dirt mound is up a hill to the side of the road.

Hidden stash #7

Head to the Drunken Bear Inn, then go south to area I8. Climb up the steep hill, and look for a small clearing that has the hidden stash dirt mound.

Hidden stash #8

Head south from the Carat Motel to the border of area F1. On the side of the road, you should see a fenced-off power station. Open the fence door and look for the hidden stash behind the station.

That concludes our guide on where to find hidden stashes in Contraband Police. Do you know of a hidden stash we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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Where to Find Hidden Stashes in Contraband Police


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