Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise‘s gameplay loop is inredibly straightforward, but also incredibly engaging. By fighting and defeating monsters, you will be able to get materials and monster parts that can be used to create new weapons and armor with which to take on even more powerful monsters.

Among the monster parts you will need to craft new powerful gear is Golden Muck. Here’s where to find it and how to get it.

Where To Find Golden Muck In Monster Hunter Rise

Golden Muck is a monster part, so you will need to hunt the right monster to get a chance of obtaining a unit. This part is dropped by the monster Almudron, which is located in the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Planes and Flooded Forest locations.

Simply taking down an Almudron is not enough to get Golden Muck. The monster has a 30% chance of dropping the part, with a 25% chance of dropping two of them. The Golden Muck also has a 22% chance of being a Target Reward and a 13% chance of being a Capture Reward.

Almudron is not a particularly difficult monster to take down. It is weak to fire, and the tail is often exposed, so focus on attacking it with fire elemental attacks to make short work of it.

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