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Where To Find Double Jump In Ghost Song

Where To Find Double Jump In Ghost Song

Ghost Song is a game with a fantastic atmosphere, secrets, and mystery. Explore the world Lorian V, meet its inhabitants, and find parts to build a new plane. If you unlock new abilities and weapons, it helps you to discover a new world faster. And today we want to talk about where to find Double Jump in Ghost Song.

Useful Weapons and Items in Ghost Song

There are many useful weapons and items to use in Ghost Song. For example:

  • Magma Spear
  • Hulking Fist 
  • Hazard Blade
  • Painwheel
  • Hypersledge 
  • Blast Shield

These and other guns and melee weapons are the best. However, sustained fire with your gun will cause the primary weapon to overheat. This will drastically slow your fire rate and takes time to cool down. Some items can help you to jump higher and move faster.

Where To Find Double Jump In Ghost Song

The double jump is the feature that gives you a chance to move faster. The ability is called Boost Boots. These are boots that let you boost upward when you jump during a jump. Here’s how to find the Boost Boots in Ghost Song, which give you the double jump ability. 

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You can find the Boost Boots on your way to the green ship part. And after that, you don’t have to get the green ship part if you don’t want to. You can wall jump or grab the blue ship part. 

Now that you’ve got the double jump in Ghost Song, you can reach all sorts of new places, which naturally means you’ll be grabbing a bunch of new items and power-ups along the way. That’s all that you need to find a double jump in Ghost Song. Follow our advice, and you will find Double Jump! Good luck!

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Where To Find Double Jump In Ghost Song


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