Where to Find Cardassian Hostiles in Star Trek Fleet Command


Star Trek Fleet Command’s newest event, dubbed “Deep Space Nine,” sees the introduction of a brand-new sector of space to explore. Up in the northwestern regions of the galaxy lies the Cardassian and Bajor space, alongside powerful armadas that are waiting to be challenge. Do you have what it takes? Today, we’ll show you where to find Cardassian hostiles in Star Trek Fleet Command!

Locating the Cardassian Hostiles in Star Trek Fleet Command

The Deep Space Nine event is a new battle pass for all players to take part in and enjoy. The battle pass will see players head out to the new regions and complete brand-new story missions, while earning new Officers along the way.

For some battle pass missions, players will be tasked with taking down Cardassian hostiles. The new Cardassia sections are in the top left corner of the galaxy map, as shown here. You’ll need to be high enough level with strong ships in order to make the warp jump over there, so be prepared.

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If you need additional directions, the Cardassia system is located directly west of the Borg cube region. Again, it’s quite the journey up there, so you may or may not be able to make the jump, depending on your level.

Starting with the Bajor system and going westward, you’ll encounter Cardassian hostiles scattered throughout the various nearby systems. You should have no problem finding them once you’re up here.

If you’re too low level and your ships aren’t strong enough to make the trip, make sure that you’re using an Officer that boosts your warp range, such as Cadet Scotty. These kinds of Officers really come in handy when they introduce new areas like this.

However, just making it to the Cardassian system is only just the beginning. If you’re planning to take on the Cardassian hostiles, be prepared for a fight as they can range anywhere from 130,000 to 201,000 strength!

That concludes our guide on where to find Cardassian hostiles in Star Trek Fleet Command. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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Where to Find Cardassian Hostiles in Star Trek Fleet Command


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