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Where to Find All Secret Bosses in One Fruit Simulator

Where to Find All Secret Bosses in One Fruit Simulator
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Roblox’s One Fruit Simulation is a anime-inspired RPG for fans of the hit manga One Piece. Players can join Straw Hat Pirate to battle enemies in both PvP and PvE clashes! This adventure game has all the weapons and fruits you could possible wish to us to battle bosses across the islands. There are main bosses to fight, but there are are also a few secret bosses to discover too.

Our guide below shows you where to find all secret bosses in One Fruit Simulator.

Locations of Every Secret Boss in Roblox One Fruit Simulator

In Roblox One Fruit Simulator there are 6 Islands to explore, each with bosses of different levels, and sometimes a shop to visit. Many of the main bosses give players a fun accessory to wear that provides a buff in stats such as movement or damage.

Within each island, except the Starter Island, players have the chance to find at least one Secret Boss. These are hidden bosses you can beat if you can find them! When beaten, these secret boss NPCs can drop up to 5 bounties, but there is also a chance they drop nothing at all!

Monkey Queen in One Fruit (via Roblox)
  • Jungle IslandMonkey Queen is hiding inside the first land mass on the left. Climb up to the first platform area past two trees, and fall inside a red room!
  • Buggy IslandCabidi is inside a house with a red door on the edge of the island. Mojo spawns out side of that area, on the grass.
  • Marine IslandHaki can be found by sprinting across the island to the grey rocks beneath the road that curves up the mountain. Slip into the mountainside to find her. If she is not there go around the corner of the mountain and slip in along that wall instead to find Lelepo.
  • BariteeCrimson Leg is inside the pillar, and is not hard to find.

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These secret boss characters are usually found within hidden rooms, where there are no doors to show you the way in. That is, except Cabidi who can be found in a 3-story house with a red door on Buggy Island, and Baratie who is inside the pillar wearing a full chef uniform.

If you enter the secret hideout and the boss is not there then another player may have got there first., or it is bugged and they have not shown up. If this is the case then just leave the game and enter a different server. If you need visual direction check out this helpful guide on YouTube from user JosephR:

That is all you need to know about finding every Secret Boss in Roblox One Fruit Simulator. For more hints and tips visit our Roblox One Fruit Simulator guide section.

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Where to Find All Secret Bosses in One Fruit Simulator


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