Ys: IX Monstrum Nox

Ys: IX Monstrum Nox, like previous entries in the series, features a variety of special artifacts that help Adol and his companions conquer all the dangers that lie ahead. These items, called Sacramentals, are not easily obtainable, so if you do not go out of your way to get them, you will probably end up completing the game without finding all of them.

Here’s how to find all the Sacramentals in Ys: IX Monstrum Nox and how they aid your party during the adventure.

Where to Find All Sacramentals in Ys: IX Monstrum Nox

Aelous Urn

The Aelous Urn attracts items dropped by enemies. This Sacramental can be obtained by turning all Graffiti collectibles to Vallin.

Aesir Jewel

The Aesir Jewel reduces the Gift Gauge consumption by half. This Sacramental’s rubric, which must be handed to Tito for crafting, will be given to you by Sistem Mel once you bring all 13 meals to her in the Balduq Cathedral.

Ares Seal

The Ares Seal restores the Boost Gauge faster. This Sacramental’s rubric, which has to be given to Tito to craft the actual item, is found in a treasure chest located in the northern area of Ciel Canyon Trail.

Eagle Eye Orb

The Eagle Eye Orb increases the mapping range. This Sacramental is found inside a treasure chest in Emain Macha, near the Great Bell Bridge. The chest is precisely located to the left side of the starting segment of the bridge.

Einherjar Ring

The Einherjar Ring lets you use more Extra Skills, as it halves their usual cost. To get this Sacramental, you will have to give Marguerite all 80 Azure Petals, and then take the rubric to Tito to craft it.

Gale Boost

The Gale Boost Sacramental increases your dash speed. The rubric to craft this item can be found in the Milianne Plains, in a small area to the east.

Golden Hare Pouch

The Golden Hare Pouch increases the amount of gold you obtain by 20%. It can be crafted with the right material by speaking with Tito after completing the Missing Famility Report quest.

Rakshasa Bangle

The Rakshasa Bangle restores the Gift Gauge faster, allowing you to use Gifts more often. This Sacramental can be found in a chest located in the Concealed Path, in the rooms to the south of the big open area.

Shadow Mantle

The Shadow Mantle enables back a mechanic that has been a staple of the series since its very beginnings. Defeat the Glemandy Boss in Cloaca Maxima in Chapter 3 to obtain this Sacramental that lets you heal HP while idling in any location.

Silver Hair Clasp

The Silver Hair Clasp increases the Rare Item drop rate. You can get this Sacramental by registering 12 landmark locations to Alex, receive the rubric and then make Tito craft the item.

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