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Where to Find All Divine Oasis Collectibles in Jedi Survivor – Locations Guide

Where to Find All Divine Oasis Collectibles in Jedi Survivor – Locations Guide
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes you on an action-packed adventure as Cal Kestis, battling the forces of darkness across the galaxy. As Cal, you are now a powerful Jedi Knight exploring planets throughout the Star Wars galaxy, gaining new skills and abilities as you go. As you progress you will discover collectible treasures to trade with vendors for various rewards. These include Chests, Priorite Shards, Databanks, and more! In the Divine Oasis there are three collectibles to seek out!

Read on to find out where you can find all the Divine Oasis collectibles in Jedi Survivor.

All Divine Oasis Collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Divine Oasis is a region of Jedha, discovered after exploring other regions first. When you arrive at the Divine Oasis you will be met with spamel herds living on a great expanse of sand. In the near distance you will see a shining light to the right. As you approach you will notice it is beside a tent situated near water. Interact with it to claim the first Databank in this area.

Right around the same tent, between the tent and the rocks, is a Jedha scroll. These scrolls are ancient but tradable collectibles. You can eventually exchange these scrolls for cosmetics and items you would rather have than a dusty old scroll!

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Behind you as you are looking at the tent where the scroll and Databank were located, there should be a long-legged spamel. Approach it and interact to ‘tame’ it. This means you can now climb aboard and get to the next location far quicker. Also, because they are ridiculously tall, they can help you get to high up areas you may not have been able to reach.

Traveling on the spamel toward the walls and bridge with iconography written on it, you will see a small area and ledge on the right where you can jump up with the help of your trusty steed. Right where you climbed up will be another scroll.

There are no other collectibles in this area so you could move on to the next, or hang out with your new leggy friends. You can find more Star Wars related guides in our dedicated section.

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Where to Find All Divine Oasis Collectibles in Jedi Survivor – Locations Guide


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