Where to Catch Kommo-O in Pokémon GO

Where to Catch Kommo-O in Pokémon GO

In Pokemon GO, the Pokedex is continuously being replenished with new, unique Pokemon, and it continues to grow with each update—and of course, players want the biggest collection. Most Pokémon are easy to catch, as they spawn everywhere or can be obtained from eggs with no special spawning conditions. However, some of them appear in the world only under special conditions. Today we will tell you how to get the Kommo-O Pokémon and where it lives.

Where to Catch Kommo-O in Pokémon GO

Kommo-O is a beautiful gray Pokémon covered in large scales with yellow endings. It is a Fighting and Dragon-type Pokémon, and is not easy to get.

At the moment, there is no way to get this Pokémon or its previous stages of evolution from an egg in the game, but it is still possible to catch it.

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Jangmo-O (the first evolution stage of Kommo-O) appears most often in the world, a little more often than the second stage of evolution, which is Hakamo-O. The least common to appear is Kommo-O.

The game does not provide a specific location where Kommo-O appears the most, but it appears much more often under certain weather conditions. When it is cloudy and windy outside, the chance of meeting this Pokemon is much higher. Therefore, if you want to catch it, go hunting in places where such weather is typical and you will surely have greater luck.

It is worth noting that catching Kommo-O is not so easy, and before catching it, you should appease it with treats. Since the chance of it appearing is extremely small, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

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Where to Catch Kommo-O in Pokémon GO


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