Where to Buy Seed Packets in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is a dream place for everyone interested in botany and magic. Playing the game, you should grow and harvest various plants. They will be used to progress through the storyline or craft potions that increase your battle effectiveness. This guide will show you where to buy seed packets in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get Seed Packets in Hogwarts Legacy

The only location where you can buy seed packets is The Magic Neep, Hogsameade’s supplier of fresh produce, seeds, and fertilizer. You should talk with Timothy Teasdale and he will offer you four unique Seed Packets. Check the list below to find all the seed packets you can buy in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Fluxweed Seed – 350 Gold – allows you to grow Fluxweed in a large pot
  • Mallowsweet Seed – 200 Gold – allows you to grow Mallowsweet in a small pot
  • Knotgrass Seed – 350 Gold –  allows you to grow Knotgrass in a small pot
  • Shrivelfig Seed – 450 Gold  – allows you to grow Shrivelfigs in a medium pot

Also, Timothy Teasdale offers you Fertiliser for 300 Gold. It can be added to plants to increase their yield.

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How to Replace Seed Packets in Hogwarts Legacy

If you don’t want to spend time growing and harvesting plants, Timothy Teasdale offers you to buy ingredients. They cost much less and can be used for crafting potions or unlocking missions. Check the list below to find the list of all ingredients you can buy in The Magic Neep:

  • Fluxweed Stem – 150 Gold 
  • Knotgrass Sprig – 150 Gold
  • Mallowsweet Leaves – 100 Gold
  • Shrivelfig Fruit – 150 Gold

That’s it getting Seed Packets in Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to save your gold and time, consider that you can buy just ingredients. They cost much less but still give you the thing you need. And if you are looking for more Hogwarts Legacy guides, make sure to read our article on where to buy potions and recipes in the game.

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Where to Buy Seed Packets in Hogwarts Legacy


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