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Where is the Fortnite Time Machine?

Where is the Fortnite Time Machine?
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A few changes arrived with latest Fortnite update and one of them is the addition of a mysterious time machine. The machine is hidden in a secret vault somewhere on the island, but where is it and what does it do? Does it really hint to future changes to the island? Read on to find out all about where this strange Fortnite Time Machine is and what it all means.

Where to Find the Time Machine in Fortnite

The October updates have brought not only Fortnitemares and Horde Rush, but also a mysterious Time Machine hidden in a vault. The Time Machine is being guarded by an enemy NPC, far stronger than any you may have battled so far! Kado Thorne is a vampire sent to guard the Time Machine located in a secret vault within a vault at Eclipsed Estate.

The regular vault is now open and full of rare chests to loot before exploring further. A door to the secret vault is also open but inside Kado Thorne is pacing around. A battle with him is tricky and you may have to heal up a couple of times before finishing him off. Of course, it is easier to eliminate him with a squad.

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fortnite time machine
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Kado Thorne has two shields and HP bars so make sure you have full shield and health too. He also has vampiric powers and can take your HP down really quickly if you’re not careful. When he’s eliminated he drops the Mythic Drum Gun and Thorne’s Vampiric Blade which siphons health as you attack your opponent.

Once Thorne is defeated you can get a good look at the Time Machine. The date displayed is the same as the original release date of the first-ever Fortnite season! Is this somehow a teaser to the upcoming season? Will we really get the old map back? Some fans certainly believe so but only time will tell!

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Where is the Fortnite Time Machine?