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Where Can I Find Hydreigon in Pokémon Go

Where Can I Find Hydreigon in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go provides players with a ton of interesting Pokémon to find and attempt to capture. Out of the many selection of Pokémon, there’s Hydreigon, a powerful Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon.

It is a fantastic Pokémon to add to one’s roster in Pokémon Go. However, it is far more complicated to catch this distinct Pokémon than merely getting it. So in this article, we’ll be guiding you on where to find Hydreigon in Pokémon Go.

Since Hydreigon is the final evolution of Deino, players will need to start with the very first form before obtaining the third and last form of Hydreigon.


To find Hydreigon, players will first need to encounter Deino in the wild and try to catch it in 10-kilometer eggs. For players who have deemed it a personal quest to capture this Pokémon, you might want to clear all of your incubators and start throwing in all your 10-kilometer eggs into them.

And being a Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon, players will have a chance of running into it during the night, in cities, at golf courses, and even movie theaters. Once you’ve located Deino in any location, attempt to find a close-by PokeStop to use a lure and try to capture even more.

Ultimately, players will need up to 25 Deino candies to evolve it into a Zweilous and then try to get an additional 100 candies before they can evolve it into a Hydreigon.

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Where Can I Find Hydreigon in Pokémon Go


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