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Where Can I Find Flabebe in Pokemon Go

Where Can I Find Flabebe in Pokemon Go
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Flabébé was initially released during Pokemon GO’s Valentine’s Day 2022 event, earlier this year during the month of February. During this event, Flabébé was available in the wild with an increased spawn rate, which means that you would come across Flabébé much more frequently than other Pokemon.

Unfortunately, the Valentine’s Day 2022 event has since ended. This means that the increased spawn has ended, but Flabébé can still be found in the wild in the same means as you could back during the event.

Where Can I Find Flabebe in Pokemon Go

Your best chance of finding Flabébé will be in the wild. Therefore, you will want to explore your local neighborhoods and check out all of the notable spawns near each and every PokeStop you can find. If you live in a rural area or a place which does not boast a lot of PokeStops, you might want to travel into the city and find some PokeStops to increase your chances of encountering a Flabébé.

The next best way to increase your chances of finding this Pokémon is through the use of incense on your avatar or setting a lure down at a PokeStop during the event. Any Flabébé in the immediate area around you should be drawn to you with these items.

Unfortunately, this is the only way for players to catch Flabébé. It will not appear in raids, nor in field research tasks, and you cannot hatch it from eggs. Exploring the wild is your best bet, and the only method to find enough Flabébé to evolve it into Floette and Florges eventually.

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Where Can I Find Flabebe in Pokemon Go


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