When will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be on Pokemon Home? Explained

the three starters from pokemon scarlet and violet

Pokemon Home has always been the answer for players with a specific unit in one game that they wish to transfer to another. It’s helpful for covering gaps in the Pokedex or getting a Pokemon you want that is version exclusive. Typically, when a new game is first released, it isn’t compatible with Home yet because some Pokemon games do not have the national Pokedex at launch or require finishing the game to get. However, the game is usually updated later to include a good chunk of different Pokemon.

The lack of an initial national Pokedex encourages players to focus on the new Pokemon in a game, helping them discover ones they thought they wouldn’t like. Still, for those who can’t wait, this is when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will likely be on Pokemon Home.

What Is The National Pokedex

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For those unfamiliar, the National Pokedex basically means the availability of Pokemon outside of the game’s region. When you unlock the National Pokedex in a game, it means you can collect Pokemon normally not found in that area. For example, by unlocking the National Pokedex in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games, you were able to catch legendaries in Ramanas Park that were not normally found in Sinnoh, such as Rayquaza. Early Pokemon games typically carried over a lot of Pokemon from the previous games, but as the Pokedex has gone from 150 to 1008, that hypothetically became harder for creators to do.

When Are Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Going To Be On Pokemon Home

The Academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Based on the fact that Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released in November of 2021 and received Pokemon Home compatibility in May 2022, we can infer that Scarlet and Violet will get theirs around May or June of 2023. Depending on how things go in the world, that could be a long wait but it will most likely happen this Spring or Summer.

Touch Tap Play is always covering the latest updates on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and when there is an official release date for Home, we’ll announce it here, so stay tuned!

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When will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet be on Pokemon Home? Explained


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