When is Deino Community Day In Pokemon Go? – Answered

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Want to know when is Deino Community Day in Pokemon Go? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

One of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go that you can acquire is a Deino, the Dark and Dragon-type pseudo-legendary. First introduced during generation 5, this Pokemon has always been quite elusive to Pokemon Go, only appearing in special events and very rare egg spawn. Thanks to its approaching Community Day event, players will now have the opportunity to acquire their very own Deino. Here is everything to know about Deino’s Community Day.

What Community Day Is In Pokemon Go

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For those unfamiliar, Community Days are special events that periodically come around to Pokemon Go. On these occasions, extra copies of one chosen Pokemon will spawn in the wild for a set time window on one chosen day. This gives players the opportunity to not only catch the Pokemon but to also farm for candies to evolve the Pokemon to its final form.

Specific Pokemon will sometimes have Community Day reruns, but in the case of someone rare like Deino, there is a slim chance of that ever happening, so grab this opportunity if you can.

When Deino’s Community Day Is Happening In Pokemon Go

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Deino’s Community Day will happen on June 25th, 2022, starting at 11 am local time and ending at two pm. Therefore, you have three hours to catch as many Deino as you can. There will be an increased chance of finding a shiny variant during this time. You can also find Deino’s middle form Zweilous near a PokeStop if you and others catch Pokemon there with a lure module. The Zweilous will appear near the Pokestop you put the lure module on.

Perks That Come With Deino’s Community Day In Pokemon Go

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Special Research tasks are available for $1.00 USD. If you have someone on your friend list who is a Great Friend or higher, you can gift them a research ticket as well. Some other bonuses during the event will be a double chance to Deino Candy XL from your catches, 1/4 hatch distance for eggs put into incubators during the event time window, and incense lasting for three hours. Every bonus makes it easier for you to catch Deino.

Deino is a strong Pokemon that eventually evolves into the even more powerful Hydreigon, so it’s definitely worth taking an hour or two to catch one during the event. It will be helpful in both the Go League and against Team Rocket grunts. Besides that, nothing can beat the novelty of having such a rare Pokemon on your roster. Overall, you should not miss out on this event.

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When is Deino Community Day In Pokemon Go? – Answered


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