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When does Final Fantasy Mobile release? Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Release Date

Final Fantasy VII is easily the most popular entry in Square Enix’s precious RPG franchise, as it continues to get remakes, spin-off stories, and more, despite the original releasing way back in 1997. This trend continues with the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, a sort of reimagining of the entire Final Fantasy VII timeline thus far, including the main games and the spin-offs. So, when does Final Fantasy mobile release? Here is the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis release date.

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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis’ release date

If the upcoming announcement of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth got you excited for more Final Fantasy VII content, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis can tide you over in the meantime. Square Enix has not given us an exact date so far, but we have a few clues to piece together an estimated release window.

Be sure to pre-register for the game if you are interested in trying out the closed beta. The game will be available on both iOS and Android systems, and if you take a look at the pre-registration page for the iOS version of Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, it shows an expected release date of September 30, 2023.

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Of course, this is probably just a placeholder date, but it makes sense because the closed beta is happening in July. A safe assumption is that the game is targeted for a Fall 2023 release, which is not too far off.

So, just what exactly is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis? Since the original Final Fantasy VII‘s release back in 1997, there have been many spin-off games that detail more of the world and story. And, of course, the Final Fantasy VII Remake took the story in a new direction as well.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is a newbie-friendly retelling of the entire Final Fantasy VII universe, complete with a new battle system and story bits. The main scenario writer is Kazushige Nojima, who also did the story for the remake, so veterans can expect some new twists on the established story.

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On top of that, Ever Crisis is going to explore the main antagonist, Sephiroth, in a more detailed manner. Although we know his origins and motivations, Ever Crisis is going to reveal some new revelations never before discussed in any of the previous Final Fantasy VII games.

Whether you are completely new to the Final Fantasy VII universe or you are a die-hard veteran, there is something for everyone in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Sit tight for more news from Square Enix.

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When does Final Fantasy Mobile release? Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Release Date