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What’s the Player Count for Eternal Return?

What’s the Player Count for Eternal Return?
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Eternal Return is a fast-paced blend of MOBA and battle royale action. 18 test subjects drop onto Lumia Island, but only one will survive until the end. These kinds of competitive online multiplayer games are nothing without a healthy player base, and since Eternal Return‘s official launch just happened, there are plenty of people excited to jump in and try the game. So, what’s the player count for Eternal Return looking like?

Eternal Return‘s average and peak player counts

At the time of writing, Eternal Return is averaging around 4,000 to 5,000 players per hour of the day. Since the game’s official version 1.0 launch just happened, the game hit a large peak of about 17,000 players within the past couple of days. Since this game is fresh, it is safe to say that it’ll enjoy a relatively large player count for the next month or so.

It is interesting to note that Eternal Return has actually been on Steam since late 2020. The game entered closed alpha three years ago, and slowly progressed through to its open beta a year later. During the 2020 closed alpha, Eternal Return saw its largest player peak ever, at 52,288 players, according to Steam Charts.

Image via Steam Charts

As 2021 rolled around, Eternal Return of course saw a naturally dwindling player count, though it remained steady at around 10,000 to 15,000 players during peak hours. When we got to 2022, the player base begun dropping drastically, bringing its overall peak players down to around 7,000 players.

This trend would continue into the beginning of 2023, but Nimble Neuron started drumming up hype for the game’s official 1.0 release, which would bring it out of early access. The 1.0 release eventually came out during the Summer of 2023, and with big fanfare, as the all-time peak went back up from 7,000 to 20,000 players.

We hope all the new and returning players are enjoying Eternal Return, and we wish for the game to have a long and successful lifespan as a competitive MOBA and battle royale game.

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What’s the Player Count for Eternal Return?