Monster Hunter Rise

The already massive Monster Hunter Rise experience has been expanded even further after release with the launch of free updates. These free updates introduce new content and features to the game without forcing players to purchase DLC, so they are quite welcome.

May 2021 saw the release of the Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 update, which introduced tons of new content to the game as well as support for additional cosmetic DLC. Here’s everything you need to know about the update before delving in!

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 Update Size

The Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 update requires 1.4 GB of free storage space on your Nintendo Switch to download and install properly. Counting the size of the previous updates, you will need 2.9 GB of free storage space, not counting the storage space needed to install the main game, if you purchase the digital version from the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 New Monsters

The Monster Hunter 3.0 free update introduces some new monsters to the game, including a familiar face coming from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Crimson Glow Valstrax. The Elder Dragon comes back in Monster Hunter Rise to obliterate unprepared hunters with its monstrous size, aerial attacks, and tons of new skills that the monster did not have in his previous iteration.

Another monster that has been added by the update is Apex Zinogre. Available in both Rampage and regular quests, the monster comes with some new attacks that the regular form does not possess, making taking it down a challenge even for those who have mastered Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 New Ending

The Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 free update also introduced a new ending that starts right from the cliffhanger seen in the original ending. In order to continue the story past this point, the new update introduces new Hub and Rampage quests as well as a new hunting area. With the new ending, the story of Monster Hunter Rise is finally complete.

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 DLC Cosmetics

The Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 free update also introduced support for new cosmetic DLC packs like new Hunter Voices, new Pose Sets, new Stickers and more.

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 Bug Fixes

The Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 free update also brought tons of bug fixes to the game. You can learn all the details on these fixes by heading over to Capcom’s website.

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