Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush, the latest game in the Mario sports series, was released in late June worldwide, and Nintendo didn’t waste any time updating the game with new content. The 2.0.0 update is now live, introducing not only a new character, course, and play mode, but also some tweaks that are expected to improve the experience considerably.

Here’s everything new included in the Mario Golf: Super Rush 2.0.0 update.

What’s New in the Mario Golf: Super Rush 2.0.0. Update?

New Character – Toadette

Toadette joins the Mario Golf: Super Rush character roster with this new update. The new character, which can be used in all play modes, comes with the highest control of the entire roster, but also the lower power, so she can be extremely tricky to use properly in certain play modes where you need to launch your ball as far as possible quite often.

New Course – New Donk City

The New Donk City course is the brand new course introduced by the 2.0.0 update. This course, based on the location with the same name seen in Super Mario Odyssey, is a short course with 18 holes all rated Par 3. The course also features two difficulty levels, Amateur, and Pro, which completely change tees and greens of all 18 holes.

New Play Mode – Ranked Match

The Mario Golf: Super Rush online multiplayer experience has been expanded by the 2.0.0 update with the introduction of Ranked Match. The main goal of this mode is to improve one’s global ranking by obtaining points each month. Ranked Matches will pit you against opponents of similar skill level, with four different categories to choose from: “Button Controls: Standard Golf”, “Button Controls: Speed Golf”, “Motion Controls: Standard Golf”, and “Motion Controls: Speed Golf. Achieving a rank of A- or higher each month will allow you to use a character with a special appearance as a bonus. Total points will be reset each month.

Tweaks and Changes

The Mario Golf: Super Rush 2.0.0 update also introduces improvements for motion controls and many other changes. You can find all the details in the full update notes below.

  • General Changes
    • “Return to Character Select” and “Return to Course Select” have been added to the Pause Menu exit options.
    • Character points required to obtain the next set of clubs are now displayed in Character Select.
    • Course Select now displays the number of holes you need to play before you can play the next course.
    • The number of holes played before the next course can be played is now displayed in Course Select.
      • However, during online play, you may not be able to select it until you return to the main menu, even if you meet the conditions.
    • The default number of players (including COM) has been changed to two when playing with the “Stroke Play ” and “Take Turns” rules in the Standard Golf menu of “Play Golf”.
    • Adjusted the search procedure for “Find a Room” in the online room menu of “Play Golf”.
    • In online play, even if a network error occurs in another player’s room, the game will now continue after the player is replaced with a COM player. The room will be disbanded if the hosting console has a network error, because the hosting console manages the game settings.
      • In Ranked Matches, if the hosting console has a communication error, it will be replaced by the COM and the game will continue.
    • A warning and countdown will be displayed 30 seconds before the end of the game.
    • Special Shots now pierce through tree foliage.
    • When playing with two players in split-screen mode on a single Nintendo Switch console, the screen of the player who scores first will no longer follow the other player.
    • Motion Controls has been changed so that the character will not automatically move when the pause menu is open during online play.
    • Adjusted the difficulty level of the goal to clear XC Golf at Ridgerock Lake.
    • Changes have been made to the game balance, and other issues, to make for a better play experience.
  • Adjusted Motion Controls
    • It is now easier to generate power when swinging with a full swing in mind.
    • Approach shots aiming at the cup position are now less likely to go wide.
    • The angle of the club is now reflected on the screen when you get into a position to hit the ball.
  • Additions to the “How to Play” section
    • Added explanations of how to play, and tips for Motion Controls in the “Golf Guide”.

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