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What to Look Out for in MU Origin’s August Update

What to Look Out for in MU Origin’s August Update

If you’ve been playing MU Origin for a while – long enough to think of Lorencia as a second home – you’ll know there’s pretty much always something new to get to grips with. Every update from publisher Webzen weaves a little more magic into the hack-n-slash world of MU, from fresh events to shiny new equipment. This latest release is no different, with plenty to play with. Let’s start with the biggest newcomer to MU Origin…


Getting around on foot is so passé. What you need is a steed – some hardy beast to swan into battle on. Cue MU’s new mount system. Mounts come in all shapes and sizes, from classic stallions to armoured dragons, and provide more than just a ride. They increase your speed and give stat boosts to your attack, damage, defence and HP. The higher your mount’s level, the greater the benefits bestowed to your character. You can level-up your mount using power crystals, and evolve it using evolve stones. Plus, each mount comes with a special skill which you can deploy in battle.

The mount system is unlocked once you complete the ‘New Friend’ quest at rebirth 3 level 60. You get a free chance to capture mounts once every 24 hours, or you can use unbound diamonds for 10 chances. So, leave your sabatons on the doorstep, it’s time to catch a ride.

Server assault

Hopefully you’ve been honing your PvP skills in the arena, because they’ll definitely come in handy during the next addition. Server Assault is an all-server event in which guilds loot other servers, whilst rival players defend against the invasion. You can glean a bounty of experience, bound zen and awaken points just by participating.

The first battle to win isn’t on the battlefield at all. It’s a bidding war, and takes place every Sunday. The 3 guilds which bid the highest amount from their build budget will qualify to invade, while the unsuccessful bidders will have the chance to defend – up to 150 players can enter the battlefield at any one time. Guilds from the same server are automatically aligned and can’t attack each other, so no friendly fire to worry about. To join the fun, complete the story quest ‘Mysterious Power’, at rebirth 8 level 1.

For the invading players to win, they must conquer the server by thieving the entire resource of the defending server at least 80% of its resources. The server that loots more than 80% of the resource among the invading servers will retain ruling status over the server until the next round of Server Assault, and any resources not looted are carried over to the next session too.

You’ll also be ranked on your efforts throughout the event season, each spanning 13 weeks. The more loot you nick, the more servers you conquer and the more players you kill, the higher up the rankings you climb.

Infernal Canyon

What’s a MU Origin update without a new dungeon to explore, eh? Infernal Canyon is waiting for players of rebirth 3 level 60 and above to clear it of its malevolent monsters. Consider yourself pest control. Fight alongside players from all servers to take down the boss, but be careful – at 40% HP, it’ll summon mounts which provide healing buffs. So whilst some of your party focus your attack on the big guy, make sure you’re culling the mounts too. You get 15 minutes to clear the dungeon, and the reward for your efforts is a mount evolve treasure chest and plenty of experience points.

As well as the above, the latest update introduces a new all-server area – Abyss Temple – for players rebirth 14 and above, an improved user interface and other under-the-hood tweaks to make gameplay smoother.

So capture those mounts, conquer those servers and prove your worth on the battlefield in MU Origin – new and improved. If you haven’t already, you can download the game from Google Play and the App Store.

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What to Look Out for in MU Origin’s August Update


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