What to Do if You Run Out of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go? Answered

What to Do if You Run Out of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go? Answered

You ran out of Pokeballs in Pokemon GO? What could be more annoying for any trainer? Especially when you’ve found the very cool Pokemon, and there are no Pokeballs to capture it. If you do not want to buy Poké Balls, then you should take care in advance to replenish your supply of Poké Balls.

Getting New Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

If you run out of Poké Balls in Pokémon Go, you need to replenish your stock. The developers for the especially lazy players have provided the possibility to buy them, but this is a very waste of money.

It’s much easier to just go outside and monitor the display of your device during a walk for poke-stops. These are places, upon activation of which you are given one poke ball for free, or even several if you are lucky.

Pokéstops are displayed on the map in Pokemon GO with blue dots. Look for them, approach, activate, and you will get new pokeballs quickly and without problems.

Also, you will receive a certain number of Pokeballs as a reward when you increase the level of the trainer, but you should not count on it much since the amount will be really low.

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What to Do if You Run Out of Pokeballs in Pokemon Go? Answered


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