Home Game Guides What Plant Excretes Stinksap? – Hogwarts Legacy Answers

What Plant Excretes Stinksap? – Hogwarts Legacy Answers

What Plant Excretes Stinksap? – Hogwarts Legacy Answers

Completing Sophronia Franklin quiz is one of the most challenging quests in Hogwarts Legacy. It seems that more than 90% of players cannot complete this mission on their own. In this guide, you will find the answers to the question, “What Plant Excretes Stinksap?” The question forced millions of players to research, and this article can help you give the correct answer in a few seconds.

Sophronia Franklin Quiz: Question №19

The Sophronia Franklin quiz is divided into three parts. The further you go, the more complex questions become. One of the most complex questions of the third chapter is below. Moreover, we also included the answer to this question.

Question: What Plant excretes Stinksap?

  • Answer №1: Mimbulus mimbletonia
  • Answer №2: Fluxweed
  • Answer №3: Sopophorous Bean

As you can see, the first option named “Mimbulus mimbletonia” is the correct answer to this complex question. Feel free to select it and finish question №19 in a few seconds. And if you want to find out the rewards for the Sophronia Franklin quiz, continue reading this guide to learn everything you need about it.

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Sophronia Franklin Quiz Rewards

Although many players consider that correct answers will increase their rewards, it doesn’t work this way. Rewards for Sophronia Franklin’s quiz are constant and don’t change depending on your number of correct answers. And below, we have listed rewards for completing the quiz. 

  • Wiggenweld Potion x3
  • Maxima Potion x1
  • Edurus Potion x1

Be sure it is a pretty good reward for a quiz that won’t take more than five minutes.

That’s it with Sophronia Franklin quiz question №19. As you can see, the last questions of the quiz are considered the most complex. It seems that even the biggest fans of the Harry Potter universe and Hogwarts Legacy don’t know the answers to all the questions of the quiz. Also, we have a guide on how to alter the style of an item in Hogwarts Legacy, make sure to check it out!

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What Plant Excretes Stinksap? – Hogwarts Legacy Answers


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