Home Game Guides What Is The Refresh Time On Tera Caves? – Tera Caves Explained

What Is The Refresh Time On Tera Caves? – Tera Caves Explained

What Is The Refresh Time On Tera Caves? – Tera Caves Explained

While exploring Tera Caves in search of a powerful Pokemon, many people discover that they always find the same Pokemon. And a lot of players went in search on different forums and Reddit. But there are no answers to why it is so. Read this guide, and you will find out what is the Refresh Time on Tera Caves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There is no time to lose. Let’s get started!

Refresh Time on Tera Caves 

It is no secret that you can find Tera Type Pokemon while wandering Tera Caves. The fact is that these Pokemon can be captured only if you deal enough damage to them. And if you are aimed at catching a specific Pokemon, fighting with powerful Tera Pokemon that might not improve your collection is too risky. 

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Therefore, Tera Caves refresh automatically every 24 hours at midnight. By doing it, Pokemon in caves are replaced by new ones, and you have a chance to find the desired Tera Type Pokemon among the newly spawned Pokemon. And this allows you to save your time and not spend it waiting for the desired Pokemon.

Where Can You Find Tera Pokemon?

Once you know the refresh time, it would be best to discover where you can find Tera Type Pokemon. The fact is that Tera Caves are too extensive. Therefore, wandering around them without a specific goal will never bring the result. So, check the list below and discover all areas where you can find Tera Type Pokemon.

  • Alfornada Cavern
  • Asado Desert
  • Casseroya Lake
  • Dalizapa Passage
  • East Province Area
  • Glaseado Mountain
  • North Pladean Sea
  • North Province Area
  • South Province Area
  • Tagtree Thicket
  • West Province Area

In conclusion, the refresh time for Tera Caves is 24 hours, meaning that new Tera Pokemon appear here daily. Generally, it is a pretty good time that allows you to get the desired Pokemon fast. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful! And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how Tera Raids work in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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What Is The Refresh Time On Tera Caves? – Tera Caves Explained


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