What is the New Tank Meta in Overwatch 2? – Tanking Explained


Overwatch 2 is quite an interesting multiplayer game that has lots of players in its community. However, it seems that some of these users are unsatisfied with the new in-game balance and today we are going to discuss this issue. This guide will tell you what is the new tank meta in Overwatch 2.

What is the New Tank Meta in Overwatch 2?

There are lots of different hero shooter games that you can find in the modern game industry and one of the most popular among them is Overwatch 2. There you can pick one of a few characters and play it. These heroes are divided into a few battlefield roles and one of them is related to tanking.

Tanks were very important in Overwatch and there were lots of players who liked to play them. However, it seems that the new game brought some changes to the balance and level design. These additions affected the tank meta and there are lots of controversial opinions about it.

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Some players started to complain that tanks don’t feel like tanks in Overwatch 2. The new gameplay changes turned most of the matches into some kind of chaotic brawls. So, right now characters of this type tend to die faster than they did in the previous game.

The new changes seem to be disturbing for many users as they don’t like their tanky characters dying that fast. These characters are felt like some kind of tougher damage dealers that should fight in the frontline. However, there are also some users that are fine with these changes as they find the old meta boring.

The new tank meta seems to be quite controversial but it still can change in future updates. So, you shouldn’t get upset if you don’t like it. Good luck with your further battles in Overwatch 2!

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What is the New Tank Meta in Overwatch 2? – Tanking Explained


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