What is the Most Expensive Item in Roblox? – Answered


Roblox is a fun and expansive platform for player-created single player and multiplayer games. It hosts hundreds of games of all types such as MMO RPGs, first-person shooters, and many social games, and has its own unique style. The gaming platform has a broad appeal for people of all ages, and for every type of gamer. The Roblox Catalog is full of items players can buy to make their avatar look great. Clothing, facial expressions, body types, weapons, and emotes are all available to purchase with Roblox’s in-game currency Robux. Robux costs around $5 for 400 ‘bux, and many items only cost 100 Robux, so can be pretty affordable. Other items, however, are for those players with fatter wallets, costing thousands of Robux! Which is the most expensive item in Roblox right now? Find out below.

Expensive Items Available in the Roblox Catalog

Here is a countdown of the top 3 most expensive items in Roblox:

3. Korblox Deathspeaker Bundle – 17,000 Robux

This bundle can be purchased for 17,000 Robux which costs about $212! The bundle includes armour for each arm and leg, and the body, and a hat.

via Roblox

2. Summer Valk – 25,000 Robux

This amazing and colourful hat accessory costs 25,000 ‘bux which is about $312 in real money. You could buy an actual designer hat for that!

via Roblox

1. Violet Valkyrie – 50,000 Robux

This is the most expensive item to purchase and, at 50,000 Robux, it is a serious buy! This purple hat accessory with white feathers costs about $625 in real money!

via Roblox

Would you purchase any of those items if you had enough money? Tell us in the comments what the most expensive item you have bought in Roblox.

Roblox is available to play on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Xbox.

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What is the Most Expensive Item in Roblox? – Answered


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