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What is the Genshin Impact Christmas Cult PFP?

What is the Genshin Impact Christmas Cult PFP?
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At the end of the year, Genshin Impact became very popular and was even nominated for Best Ongoing Game and for Best Mobile Game. And the fandom of this game, of course, created a bunch of different trends, challenges, and memes. And now you can see the hashtags “Genshin Impact Christmas Cult PFP” everywhere. Now we will tell you what this means.

Genshin Impact Christmas Cult PFP

PFP stands for Profile Pictures. And while Christmas will happen in a month, many Genshin Impact players have fun creating “Christmas cult” pictures. Basically, they feature characters wearing a Santa hat and other seasonal accessories.

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You can see this trend not only on Twitter. Many fans express their holiday mood on TikTok, Reddit, Twitch, and other social media. Christmas cult has become such a popular viral trend because fans have created a huge number of profile pictures to make it easier for others to join by choosing from ready-made options. That is, by writing in the search “Twitter Genshin Impact Christmas Cult PFP,” you can find images of any character in the game in the New Year’s style. But some of the authors of these images may have special terms of use. Therefore, you can also search TikTok for users who care less about copyright.

You can also find memes in the Christmas style or even individual authors’ works. That is, not just photoshopped hats and scarves, but art that is drawn from scratch. 

So if you are a Genshin Impact fan, please join the Christmas cult.

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What is the Genshin Impact Christmas Cult PFP?


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