What is the Best Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Yesterday, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl was released by Nintendo, and players were faced with a choice of starting Pokemon from 3 possible ones. Since you cannot catch the remaining two Pokémon under normal circumstances, this choice is very important. Therefore, this guide will tell you who and why you need to choose.

What is the Best Starter Pokemon?

The best choice is Chimchar. He’s been the best starter for years, and for good reason. He is a Fire-Fighting type Pokemon and has powerful and varied movements.

And although at the last stage of evolution he has low defense, he can learn various elemental attacks to balance other Pokemon in the team.

And so his second Evolution is called Monferno and is reached at level 14. He will be able to use Mach Punch and you can easily pass the first two gyms, as they are Rock-type and Grass-type.

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By the sixth gym, you have to develop Chimchar to the last stage of Infernape. Although he has excellent attack rates, the defense is poor, so think in advance about someone to cover him so that you can use Chimchar for 100%. He also takes twice the damage from the Flying, Water, Psychic and Ground types.

And since there is a Steel-type in the sixth gym, you can easily deal with it. And the seventh gym with an Ice-type will also be a piece of cake for you.

Also, Infernape is very effective against Bug-type Pokemon. You will meet them in the first part of Elite 4.

Despite his low defense, Chimchar is still the number one starter among players.

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