What is the Best Sniper in COD Mobile?

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Call of Duty Mobile has quickly climbed the ranks of mobile gaming, comfortably sitting as one of the best mobile games out there, because who doesn’t like to whip out some nasty guns and shoot people in the face?

Among these guns are the sniper rifles. Steady, slow, but packing the biggest punch out of them all, there’s a reason why snipers are so valued among players.

If you have been wondering what is the best sniper rifle in COD Mobile, then you might want to read on below, because we are talking about just that!

Honorable Mentions

Before we talk about the best sniper rifle in COD Mobile, let’s talk about the ones that just missed the mark, but are still phenomenal snipers.


Possessing a massive Damage of 90 coupled with a Range of 90 and Accuracy of 71, the Outlaw is a serious threat.  It possesses the highest Accuracy among all the snipers in CODM, which deserves calls for players to put some respect against its name.

DL Q33

The DL Q33 is one of the strongest contenders for best sniper, purely in terms of raw damage. This sniper has incredible 1-shot killing power, dealing about 207 damage to the head and around 135 damage to the upper chest from 40 meters away.

The Best Sniper in COD Mobile

Drum roll, please. It’s the…


A few of you may have seen this coming, while a lot of you may have not, because the Locus is just that underrated. While the DL Q33 has a greater range of 5 points over the Locus, this sniper outdoes DL Q33 in terms of Accuracy and Damage.

Reaching a monstrous 95 Damage, the Locus is a powerhouse. The slower firing speed is no issue, since all you need is one shot to finish off enemies. The only snipers that come close to the Locus are the DL Q33 and the Outlaw, which why they are here as honorable mentions.

And those were our thoughts on what is the best sniper in COD Mobile. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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What is the Best Sniper in COD Mobile?


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