What is the Best Magic Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?


Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Cookie characters come in different classes: Bomber, Healer, Support, Healer, Ambush, Chargers, and Magic. The Magic Cookies deal damage to the entire group of enemies, and are usually positioned in the middle of the team. They have magical skill attacks that deal a good deal of damage and usually perform stuns too, making them really useful in battle. Team builds that include one Epic rarity Magic class Cookie are usually pretty unbeatable! So which Magic Cookie should you include in your team? Find out below.

Which is Cookie Run Kingdom’s Best Magic Cookie?

There is some debate about which Magic class Cookie is the best addition to a team line up. The two main contenders are Licorice Cookie and Pumpkin Pie Cookie so let’s see their stats side by side:

Pumpkin Pie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Summons Pompon: 44.4% ATK +0.61 ATK per level
  • Pompon DEF: 188%
  • Pompon HP: 382.3%
  • Pompon Strike ATK DMG: 170%
  • ATK SPD: +45% while Pompon is active
Licorice Cookie Run Kingdom
Licorice Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds
  • Damage Dealt: 239% +3.3 DMG per level
  • DEF: +20% for 7 seconds
  • Summons Licorice Servants: 3% ATK & 150% DMG
  • Licorice Servants HP: 50% for 7 seconds

They are both really strong Magic class Cookies with useful summoning abilities. Whichever you choose really depends on what you want them to achieve, and how your team is set up. If your mid-to-back positioned Cookies are weaker your best shot is using Licorice for his DEF stat. If you need a solid tanky ‘extra’ frontline, Pumpkin Pie’s summons Pompon is really strong. Licorice’s servants are great as a ‘meat shield’ for the existing front line.

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Using toppings obviously strengthens what is already available too- Pompon can be amazing and already has a pretty short cooldown for the damage and stun it can achieve, but add Swift Chocolate and it can be nearly god-like. Licorice’s DEF boost is very useful for a team, plus his servants are immune to knockback so are great protection for as long as they are active and can also be buffed using Swift Chocolate. Solid Almond is also a recommended topping for either Cookie for its DMG resist increase.

swift chocolate topping cookie run kingdom
Swift Chocolate decreases Cooldown

Other issues between them are that Licorice’s servants can take a stun and Pompon cannot. This makes a difference when playing Guild Battles and taking on a Guild Boss. Pompon can’t take a stun like the servants can. In every other area it is pretty safe to say that Pumpkin Pie Cookie is stronger in a tank-like way. In a PvP 1-on-1 fight as a test battle, for example, there is no contest- Pumpkin Pie absolutely annihilates Licorice with her high DPS. Not even Licorice’s servants could hold her or Pompon back.

Some people have suggested using both if you are lucky enough to have them! Whoever you choose, add the right toppings and they can be the best team mates you could possibly ask for.

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What is the Best Magic Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?


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