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What is the Adaptive Attack in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

What is the Adaptive Attack in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang just revamped its entire Emblem system as a part of its newest major update, “Project Next”. The new system allows players more freedom in how they customize and fine-tune their favorite heroes. Along with the new Emblem Talents are reworked stats, including adaptive attack. So, what exactly is adaptive attack in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and how does it work?

Adaptive attack in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang explained

With the revamped Emblem Talents, you can maximize a hero’s potential by messing around with different kinds of Talents. One of the new possible Emblem Talents in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a unique stat called adaptive attack, specifically from the Thrill rune. The in-game description of adaptive attack reads:

“Increases physical attack if extra physical attack is higher than extra magic power; otherwise, increases magic power.”

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As the name and description implies, adaptive attack is a flat attack bonus that applies to either your physical attack or magic power, depending on how you built your character.

For example, let us say you have some adaptive attack from Emblem Talents, and your hero has a lot of natural physical attack. All the items you bought gave you increased physical attack that greatly outnumbers your magical power, so in this instance, your adaptive attack stat would add onto your physical attack.

The flip side example to this would be if you were playing a hero that scales well with magic power, and you were building items with magic power on them. In this scenario, adaptive attack would give you a flat magic power boost.

Basically, this Emblem Talent is meant to be a one-sized-fits-all solution to increasing your hero’s damage output. If you want to build your Talents so that you get lots of attack boosts, you do not have to worry anymore whether the Talent increases physical attack or magic power.

We know the in-game description can be a little confusing at first, but it is pretty intuitive once you start playing matches with the adaptive attack Talents equipped.

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What is the Adaptive Attack in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?