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What is Tactical Equipment in COD Mobile?

What is Tactical Equipment in COD Mobile?
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Call of Duty Mobile is an interesting shooter for mobile devices with a wide variety of modes. It also has a lot of challenges, which become more diverse with each Season. And sometimes the term Tactical Equipment appears in them. Now we will tell you what this means.

Tactical Equipment in COD: Mobile List

When you enter the multiplayer lobby, you can open the Create-A-Class screen, where you choose your favorite class as well as equipment for it. There you can see the Tactical Equipment slot. Click Options to see all Tactical Equipment available to you. There are 12 of them:

  • The 9-Bang is a stun grenade that makes multiple explosions and flashes.
  • The Concussion Grenade is a classic high-powered stun grenade.
  • Flash Drone is a drone that will interfere with the view of the enemy with a flash.
  • Flashbang Grenade blinds and stuns the enemy.
  • The Gas Grenade releases green gas in a specific radius. Enemies in this gas are stunned and move more slowly. In addition, they begin to cough with which they betray their position.
  • The Heartbeat Sensor is a tablet that shows the approximate location of the enemy by his heartbeat.
  • The Nova Gas also slows down and impairs the enemy’s vision, but the gas also damages enemies.
  • The Sensor Dart is only available for the Scout class. It shows nearby enemies in the vicinity and you can shoot someone with a dart.
  • Smoke Grenade creates a smokescreen.
  • The Toy Bomb is only available for the Clown class, which is rarely chosen. The bomb summons zombies that attack everyone who is near the bomb.
  • The Welding Gun is used to repair depots and tanks. It can also kill the enemy but from a very close distance.
  • The Wingsuit is used early in the game for more control in the air.

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Now you know what Tactical Equipment is and easily complete the related challenges.

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What is Tactical Equipment in COD Mobile?


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