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What Is Ragnarok Origin Card Drop Rate? Explained

What Is Ragnarok Origin Card Drop Rate? Explained
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I’m tired of getting apples—gimme some cards, monsters! That sums up my feelings when farming monsters all across the vast world of Ragnarok Origin. If you’re above level 25 in this popular MMORPG, you know how beneficial cards are for your progress. Depending on the card you obtain, you can increase your ATK or Crit DMG, increase your HP, or gain other powerful boosts.

However, you must be frustrated, just like me, with the odds of getting a specific card after killing monster after monster. In this guide, we explain the Ragnarok Origin card drop rate and the best method to improve it so that you can understand the system better and get your hands on more cards.

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What Is Ragnarok Origin Card Drop Rate?

The Ragnarok Origin card drop rate from monsters is quite low—only 0.01%. This means that obtaining a specific card by killing monsters is difficult. Luckily, there are ways for you to improve those odds when farming. One of the best ways to increase the Ragnarok Origin card drop rate is to use the Card Drop Progress mechanics (also known as the pity bar).

Pity Bar for card farming in Ragnarok Origin
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You can find the Card Drop Progress bar below all the loot items in Guide/Monster Archive. It will fill up as you kill monsters of that particular type and grant you the card when it reaches 100%. However, there are several rules for obtaining cards this way.

The Card Drop Progress bar will fill up only during the dedicated farming time (Normal Benefit Duration), which lasts 150 minutes per day. Farming in the fatigued state won’t help you get cards or any other loot items. This bar will also fill if you have Monster Annihilation Blessing (through which you get loot items from monsters but no EXP; available at level 40 and above). To make use of Monster Annihilation Blessing, you will have to collect 100 activity points from daily events.

Monster Annihilation Blessing comes with another important benefit for increasing Ragnarok Origin card drop rates. During this period, you can consume Lucky Candy and Super Lucky Candy to double or triple the drop rate of all items within 30 minutes. You can get Lucky Candy at the Diamond Shop.

We hope that the Ragnarok Origin card drop rate and the ways to increase it are more clear now. For more help with this game, explore the other useful guides in our dedicated Ragnarok Origin section here on TouchTapPlay.

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What Is Ragnarok Origin Card Drop Rate? Explained