What is Commendation Rank in Star Trek: Fleet Command? Answered

What is Commendation Rank in Star Trek: Fleet Command? Answered

Star Trek Fleet Command is a fun mobile strategy game set in the Star Trek universe. Players must build a powerful ship, create an alliance and fight other players. Also, one of the player’s goals is to increase the faction’s reputation. And in this guide, we will tell you about the Commendation Rank.

What is Commendation Rank?

The Commendation Rank is an item that can be purchased from the faction store. Depending on the tiers, the price will vary.

  • Tier 2 costs 250 credits.
  • Tier 3 costs 1000 credits.
  • Tier 4 costs 2,000 credits.
  • Tier 5 costs 3500 credits.
  • Tier 6 costs 5,000 credits.

Many players thought that the Commendation Rank was needed to increase your faction’s reputation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The only reason to buy Commendation Rank is because of very specific missions. This item does not have any other functions.

This is a kind of trick that forces you to spend credits in order to earn even more credits. But apart from the specific mission, this item is useless. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you never buy one. After all, no one wants to save up credits in order to end up spending them on unnecessary items.

You can still increase your faction reputation without the useless Commendation Rank. We recommend you to grind in Faction Hostiles. And also do not forget about the faction reputation events that appear from time to time. We hope this guide was useful for you and you remember that you do not need to buy the Commendation Rank.

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What is Commendation Rank in Star Trek: Fleet Command? Answered


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