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What is Battle Token Bank in MW2? Answered

What is Battle Token Bank in MW2? Answered

Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has received nothing short of praise ever since it launched in late October, becoming the franchise’s biggest-selling game ever by amassing $1 billion in ten days. MW2 has set a new precedent—and not just in sales, given it is also soaring with player engagement compared to the franchise’s previous games.

The game’s developers finally introduced the Battle Pass Season 1 in November, and although players understand the Battle Pass Token, they are not exactly caught up on what the Token Bank does in the game. And with Battle Pass now allowing players to pull their own rewards, the Tokens in the Token Bank become important. So if you’re one of those wondering what is Battle Token Bank in MW2, here is all you need to know.

What is Battle Token Bank in Modern Warfare 2?

The Token Bank in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 allows players to store all of their collected Battle Pass tokens. Once a player levels up their Battle Pass, they have the option to get their rewards from the ones that are available. But in order to pull them out, players need their Battle Pass tokens.

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In other words, the Token Bank in MW2 is where a player’s earned Battle Pass tokens are stored as they’re used. They can also be opened and checked by going to Battle Pass and entering the hexagonal shape in the bottom right corner.

Checking the Token Bank in Modern Warfare 2 is pretty simple, and players can also purchase Battle Tokens if they have sufficient Call of Duty Points—it could take up to 150 COD Points to buy a single battle token.

Like other previous Call of Duty games, the Battle Pass in Modern Warfare 2 has some pretty cool features that need a little bit of exploration, and having the Token Bank is a small part of it. Being somewhat in control of the rewards, it also makes players excited about the new system in MW2.

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What is Battle Token Bank in MW2? Answered


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