What is a Gacha Gaming Whale?

What is a Gacha Gaming Whale?

The Gacha mechanic is quite popular nowadays. There are lots of different free-to-play products that have this type of monetization. The mechanic itself provides players with variable loot boxes that drop random items. These items are divided into different groups determined by rarity. It means that you have to open a couple of loot boxes to get the rarest reward. You might have heard the word Whale in the community of Gacha games. In case you don’t know what does it means, we are going to tell. This guide will explain to you Gacha gaming whales.

Whales in Gacha Gaming

Whales are present not only in Gacha games but in the entire free-to-play gaming. Before we are going to tell you who they are, we need to explain to you different ways of monetization of games. There are lots of free-to-play games you can see on the market. But you shouldn’t expect them to work absolutely for free. These games have to earn money as well.

The Gacha system is a mechanic that is present in most free-to-play games nowadays. There you are able to buy loot boxes that contain various items. In free-to-play games, you can obtain these things in two different ways. The first one lies with the game itself. You will need to play the game and earn something that helps you to get loot boxes. The second way is to pay with real money and buy loot boxes.

Whales are players who invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the game. This nickname follows those who have a lot of resources and other content of the game on their accounts. So, it is just people who spend lots of their money on the game they are playing.

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What is a Gacha Gaming Whale?


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