What is a Cake Hound in Cookie Run Kingdom


The Cake Hounds in Cookie Run Kingdom have a distinct behaviour that’s similar to that of real-life puppies as they’re very adorable and full of energy. Although, since they’re both Cake Monsters and wild animals, they are often feisty and violent most of the time.

Cake Hounds tend to be loyal, highly resilient and very obedient. They usually travel in groups in the wild and attach each other firmly to trusted individuals in domestication.

So to understand them correctly, Cake Hounds are simply species of Cake Monster that are exclusive to Cookie Run: Kingdom. They mostly serve as both Non-player characters and enemies in various situations. They also make occasional appearances in story segments.


Cake Hounds also have a tongue and sugar icing fur that is nearly sticking out of their mouths. It is unclear whether the eyes of Cake Hounds being placed on a single side of their triangular bodies is simply a stylistic choice or if it is a deliberate feature of their anatomy.

Also, Cake Hounds might possibly be young versions of Cake Wolves, as they travel alongside the Wolves particularly often as often as act and appear similarly to them.

Unfortunately, Cake Hounds are very often treated discriminately by Cookies, one of them notably by the Pastry Cookie who first came to the Cake Tower to find the location of infested Cake Hounds and destroying all the Cake Hounds, luckily Red Velvet Cookie stopped him.

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What is a Cake Hound in Cookie Run Kingdom


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