What Houses are Mansions in BitLife


BitLife, the text simulation game from Candywriter, is a fun way to pass the time. The game allows players to live out different scenarios as a variety of people. Players can be rich and famous, have a family and pets, become CEO or mob boss, or go to jail! The possibilities are virtually endless. Every decision players make for their character determines their path, with an element of luck of course. Many players have goals or challenges to complete, such as the Part Time Full Time Challenge. Some of these challenges may involve obtaining a huge mansion-like house for you and your family. What exactly counts as a ‘mansion’ in BitLife? Find out below!

What is a Mansion in BitLife?

A mansion is any large and expensive house either named Mansion, or with the word ‘manor’ in it. This includes the following:

bitlife mansion manor
Purchase a manor in BitLife (via Candywriter)
  • Manor
  • Haunted Manor
  • Spacious Manor
  • Luxurious Manor

Players can obtain a mansion by visiting the Assets tab and going to Go Shopping. Under this section are Real Estate Brokers who offer a variety of homes.

bitlife purchase house
find a Real Estate Broker in BitLife (via Candywriter)

There is the option to either Apply for a Mortgage or Purchase it outright. Players must have the finances to be able to do either of these or face rejection.

buy a manor in BitLife
Buy the Manor or get a mortgage in BitLife (via Candywriter)

Have fun living your best life, and good luck!

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What Houses are Mansions in BitLife


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