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What Happens If You Fall in Only Up!?

What Happens If You Fall in Only Up!?
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Enter the huge and exciting world of Only Up!, a mysterious place where your only goal will be to go up and only up! Inspired loosely by the classic tale of Jack and The Beanstalk, Only Up! takes you on a journey as Jackie who wants desperately to leave a world of poverty behind and journey into the unknown. Run, walk, balance your way through crazy lands, discovering secrets and strange abilities along the way. As a new player you may be wondering what would happen if you fall while you are trying to get as high as possible. Find out below what happens if you fall in Only Up!

What happens when you fall in Only Up!?

Only Up! is an addictive and maddening game of travelling upwards and onwards, discovering secrets in the clouds. If you enjoy games such as Getting Over It, you should love this one! There are amazing things to see if only you could reach the stunning views near the top. Of course it isn’t easy getting higher in Only Up! because you could fall at any moment. Put one foot wrong, slip, jump at the wrong moment, or make one wrong move, and you can end up right at the bottom again!

Image via SCKR Games

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So what happens when you fall in Only Up!? I’m afraid it is bad news because once you have fallen you will not be able to return to where you were without doing all that hard work again! The stunning graphics and amazing views as you travel through each path and ever upwards make it almost bearable… but like I mentioned above it is maddening. No game would be complete without some jeopardy!

Play cautiously and find your path to the top carefully so you don’t slip and lose your progress. You may want to take a risky route to reach as high as you can but deliberate whether it is worth the challenge. It is a testing game but as long as your system has good specs you shouldn’t be plagued by performance issues which can make an already challenging game even more so. Watch your step and see you don’t fall, at least not too far, in Only Up!, playable on Steam right now.

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What Happens If You Fall in Only Up!?