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What Does the Secret Letter in COD Mobile Say? Solving the Morse Code Decryption

What Does the Secret Letter in COD Mobile Say? Solving the Morse Code Decryption
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When I recently received a message in my inbox in COD Mobile full of Morse code, I was quite surprised. The secret letter just said I need some help in English, followed by a bunch of dots and dashes that I couldn’t read. The signature was even more mysterious—the message apparently comes from someone who calls themselves A knight.

I can recognize Morse code when I see it, but I can’t read it without sitting down and deciphering everything letter by letter, and that’s exactly what I did. Since you’re here, I can only assume that Morse code is not your strong suit either. The good news is that you don’t have to waste your time on decryption—in this guide, we present what the secret letter in COD Mobile says and how to make use of that information.

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What Does the Secret Letter in COD Mobile Say?

Secret letter in COD Mobile
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Decrypting Morse code messages is not that hard—you just need to know what letter or number each combination of dots and dashes translates to, and that’s one Google search away. There are even websites where you can copy and paste the message in Morse code and get the English translation in a moment.

However, if you’re playing COD Mobile, you probably don’t want to leave the game and spend time cracking codes. So, here’s what the secret letter in COD Mobile says in English: In Isolated and the Blackout, those scattered containers are the ingredients that can help me.

But… what does it all really mean?

What Does the Secret Letter in Morse Code in COD Mobile Mean?

So, we cracked the code and got the message, but its meaning can be quite vague, especially for those new to COD Mobile. Isolated and Blackout actually refer to COD Mobile Battle Royale maps. The Morse code secret letter points you to special T-3 containers with some valuable loot that can be found in these maps.

If you find one of these containers radiating blue light, you will need to extract loot from them, but there is a trick you should know about. Be ready to act fast because, once you hit Extract, you’ll get a mini screen with two gauge meters (for Rarity and Volume) that will determine how good your loot is going to be. The goal is to stop the arrows in the middle for both meters to secure the best goods.

And that’s what the secret letter in Morse code in COD Mobile is all about. The Knight wasn’t lying—those containers really do have ingredients that can help me. Good luck hunting them down! For more helpful guides for this exciting game, check out the rest of our dedicated COD Mobile section here on TouchTapPlay!

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What Does the Secret Letter in COD Mobile Say? Solving the Morse Code Decryption