What Does Reconstruction Do in Destiny 2? – Explained


Destiny 2 is an exciting shooter game that allows you to fight various opponents. The project has a huge list of different guns that you will be able to collect. Most of these weapons will have a few perks and today we are going to talk about one of them. This guide will tell you what the Reconstruction perk does in Destiny 2. Hopefully, you find this information useful.

What Is Reconstruction in Destiny 2?

Reconstruction is one of the numerous perks that your weapons can get in Destiny 2. It allows your gun to refill its magazine. However, it will consume ammo from your reserve. Also, it has a couple of interesting features and you may want to know about them.

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Basically, Reconstruction allows your weapon to restore a certain amount of ammo every 4 seconds. However, if you want this thing to work you will need to hold your fire for this period of time. If you constantly shoot your weapon the perk won’t work.

The most interesting thing about the Reconstruction perk is that it is able to double your weapon’s ammo capacity. So, this feature is extremely helpful and we highly recommend you find a weapon with such a perk. It will make your gun more effective as you will spend less time reloading it. However, it doesn’t mean that you can get more ammo with this perk as it consumes ammunition from your reserve.

There are many cool things that you can find in Destiny 2 and we will be glad if this article helps you to learn something new about this game. Also, you could read our guide on how to complete the A Spark of Hope Quest. Good luck with your further adventures and battles in Destiny 2!

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What Does Reconstruction Do in Destiny 2? – Explained


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