Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest offers four classes suited for different scenarios, roles, and play styles. Moreover, each of the classes offers three sub-classes that give more variety to any class. 

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To help players out with their class selection choice, we prepared a handy guide that shares details on every class in Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest, such as what area they excel at and other information.

What Does Each Class Do in Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest?

Here are the different classes in Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest, along with a short description of what they do.


Below are the different Sub-Classes under the Mage Class.

Cosmic Goddess

The Cosmic Goddess sub-class of Mage class excels at survivability and mobility. 

Cosmic Goddess class lacks big damage or AoE attacks, but it offers decent damage dealing attacks with average range. 

Warp Majesty

Warp Majesty sub-class excels at Mobility and Damage dealing. It is one of the most balanced Mage classes, as when it comes to Survivability, AoE attacks, or Range of attacks, the Warp Majesty sub-class offers better performance than any other Mage sub-class. 

Scarlet Queen

The Scarlet Queen sub-class excels at Damage and AoE-based attacks. 


Below are the different Sub-Classes under the Gunslinger Class.

Absolute Zero

The Absolute Zero sub-class offers the most balanced attributes among all Gunslinger sub-class. 

Enchanted Rose

Enchanted Ross sub-class excels at Burst attacks, Range, Mobility, and Damage. However, it lacks Survivability. 

Cyber Petal

The Cyber Petal is a high damage dealing sub-class with a decent range of attacks. 


Below are the different Sub-Classes under the Assassin Class.

Venom Ninja

Venom Ninja is the most balanced sub-class in the Assassin class. 

The Venom Ninja sub-class deals decent damage, has high mobility, and better Survivability. 

Shadow Slayer

The Shadow Slayer is one of the DPS sub-classes that excels in terms of Damage, Survivability, and AoE attacks. It also has high Mobility. 

Flash Killer

The Flash Killer sub-class offers attacks that deal an immense amount of damage. However, apart from that, it doesn’t offer good stats. 


Below are the different Sub-Classes under the Warrior Class.

Light Asura

The Light Asura sub-class offers high Survivability, decent damage, and range. 

Furious Destroyer

Furious Destroyer is a balance Warrior sub-class that excels at damage dealing and Mobility. It also offers average Survivability, AoE attacks, and attack range. 

Hell Pioneer

The Hell Pioneer is the DPS sub-class that players can use to deal high single or AoE damage.

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is an action RPG currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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What Does Each Class Do in Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest


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