What Do Healing Missiles Do in Solar Smash

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Solar Smash is more than a simple game. It is a cathartic experience that allows you to blow off some steam and live an extremely scary power fantasy without actually hurting anyone. Not that you would be able to live it in real life, mind you: have you ever met someone that can destroy planets on a whim?

While Solar Smash is all about destroying planets in the most spectacular fashion, the simulation game by Paradyme Games isn’t just about destruction, as some of the weapons available in the game actually shield planets from destruction, although only temporarily.

Here’s everything you need to know about this weapon, the Healing Missile.

What Do Healing Missiles Do in Solar Smash

Healing Missiles in Solar Smash is among the most unique weapons in the game. While it does not belong to the energy weapons category, it does behave like one, as it unleashes an explosion upon contact with a planet.

Unlike regular missiles, however, Healing Missiles restore all surface voxels caught in the explosion’s radius, essentially doing the opposite of pretty much every other weapon in the game. Do note that Healing Missiles are available in very limited quantities, so do not go all out healing planets. Your main focus, after all, should be destruction, and destruction only!

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What Do Healing Missiles Do in Solar Smash


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