What Do Badges Do in Star Trek Fleet Command? – Answered


Star Trek Fleet Command is one of the most popular mobile games set in the Star Trek universe. In the game, you have to explore different corners of the galaxy, fight enemies, form alliances, etc. And to win in space battles, you will need to upgrade your crew. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you what Badges do in Star Trek Fleet Command.

What Do Badges Do in Star Trek Fleet Command?

In Star Trek Fleet Command, you can do a huge number of different activities. But one of the most important is the creation of a powerful crew. For this, you need to use many different officers, which will give certain bonuses to your crew. Also, there can be synergy between officers. Therefore, you must choose them wisely.

Each officer in Star Trek Fleet Command can be leveled up. However, after reaching a certain level, you will need to increase the rank of the officer to level up him further. To do this, you will need certain items, including Badges.

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Badges are special items that are used only to promote officers. In total, there are three types of Badges, and each is needed for a certain class of officers. Here are the badges you can find:

  • Engineering Badge
  • Science Badge
  • Command Badge

How to Get Badges

You need to use Badges wisely, as getting them in Star Trek Fleet Command is quite difficult. You can get them from Faction Loyalty Pack II once. They can also be obtained as event rewards or from chests after winning an epic or rare Armada. Finally, you can purchase Badges from the in-game shop.

That’s all you need to know about Badges in Star Trek Fleet Command. These are useful items, so you should only use them for the best officers. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get Armada Tactical Cores in Star Trek Fleet Command.

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What Do Badges Do in Star Trek Fleet Command? – Answered


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