What Big Action Can You Expect in Upcoming Just Cause Mobile


The Just Cause franchise is popular for its bombastic, over-the-top and intense action, and is now making its way to mobile devices. Ever since the game’s announcement, there have been questions on just how well it can run on touchscreen devices.


So while there’s a lot of features and explosive action to enjoy in the console and PC versions of the acclaimed Just Cause franchise, in this article we’ll be detailing the big action that players can expect for the mobile version.

What Big Action Can You Expect in Upcoming Just Cause Mobile?

Just Cause: Mobile remains an upcoming action shooter with no exact release date at the moment, but is still rumored to launch in late 2022. And as reported by Square Enix, the game will, while trying to maintain the DNA of the console games, primarily focus on the mobile aspect.


Players can expect to glide, gun down foes, grapple and of course, blow things up; otherwise it just wouldn’t be Just Cause, now would it? However, players won’t exactly be getting the game third-person action game with the same level of explosions on mobile devices. The developers have stated that Just Cause Mobile will be a top-down perspective experience instead.

Just Cause: Mobile Exciting Games Modes

Story Campaign

Of course, like every other Just Cause game, the mobile version will also have a story campaign that’ll see you become a member of the Agency’s secret program, Firebrand. That’s where you’ll be dispatched to deal with the enemy organization known as Darkwater.

Co-op Missions

Not all players consider PvP as the best idea of fun, but co-op, on the other hand, might just be what they need. In this mode, a team of four will go head to head against waves of enemies in a series of missions, with tough-as-nails enemies who might even deploy heavy armored tanks at you.

Challenge Mode

The challenge mode may not be accessible immediately the game is launched, but in it, players can attain high scores in three different scenarios from Destruction, Wingsuit, and Race. This could be causing as much explosive chaos as possible within an allotted time.

Triple Threat

This is a 30-person competitive multiplayer mode. And while it sounds like a smaller scale battle royale, it’s more like a team-based game variant. Three teams of 10 will battle against one another to secure bases and amass points while battling across larger maps. This mode will also see players use massive weapons and vehicles to eliminate opponents and capture their bases.

Finally, each of the aforementioned modes will offer big action to players on mobile devices. Considering how long it’s taking Square Enix, a behemoth video game studio, to release the mobile version, we can expect it’s going to be worth the wait.

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What Big Action Can You Expect in Upcoming Just Cause Mobile


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