What Are Werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress? – Explained


The modern game industry is filled with different amazing games and today we are going to talk about a really exciting project. Dwarf Fortress is a game where you can become a ruler of a huge underground fortress. There you will encounter many various creatures and some of them are quite interesting. This guide will tell you what are werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress.

What Are Werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress?

Dwarf Fortress allows you to encounter various creatures. Werebeasts are one of the most interesting categories of monsters that you can fight in this game. Basically, they are cursed sentient creatures that turn into half-beasts under certain circumstances. They are quite tough and divided into various types. For example, you can encounter werewolves, werelizards, werebulls, etc.

How to Become a Werebeast in Dwarf Fortress

There are two ways to turn into a werebeast in Dwarf Fortress. The first one is to make your patron deity angry. If a sentient creature incurs the anger of its own god it can be turned into a werebeast as some sort of punishment. The second way to become a werebeast in Dwarf Fortress is to be bitten by such a creature.

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Are Werebeasts Dangerous in Dwarf Fortress?

If you have werebeasts in your world then you will eventually be attacked by one of them. If this happens then you will need to follow a standard defense procedure. Just hide your civilians inside your fortress and keep them protected. Also, you can simply wait for a short period of time and the attacking werebeast will turn into its usual form and will likely run away.

There are many different creatures that you can encounter in this game and here you can read our guide on Giant Cave Spiders. Good luck with your further exploration of the world of Dwarf Fortress!

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What Are Werebeasts in Dwarf Fortress? – Explained


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