What Are the Variants of Drowzee in Pokémon GO

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Drowzee, the Tapir Pokemon, was introduced during Generation I in Pokemon Red and Blue. It possesses the pure Psychic typing and has a pretty balanced stat spread, with emphasis on its defensive stats.

Drowzee is also available for you to encounter and catch in Pokemon GO, with a couple of its variants as well.

What are the Variants of Drowzee in Pokémon GO?

The only two variants available for Drowzee in Pokemon GO is its shiny variant and its Shadow variant. It’s quite easy to spot a shiny Drowzee in Pokemon GO due to the very clear difference in their colors. The normal variant of Drowzee is yellow and brown in color, while the Shiny variant of Drowzee has a dull pink and maroon color scheme to it.

A Shadow Drowzee can only be found if you visit a Pokestop that’s taken over by Team Rocket, beat them, and if that Team Rocket member had a Shadow Drowzee. Then, you will have a chance to catch the Shadow Drowzee that they were using.

Just like Drowzee, Hypno has two variants in Pokemon GO as well: its shiny form and its shadow variant. Hypno’s shiny variant possesses a darker, gaudy pink than its pre-evolution, with the tuft of fur around Shiny Hypno’s neck being cream-colored rather than white. Finding its shadow variant follows the same process as how you would find one for Drowzee.

Drowzees have been most commonly reported to be found around hospitals, so make sure you keep an eye out for one around those.

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What Are the Variants of Drowzee in Pokémon GO


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