What are Skin-Stealers in Backrooms? – Answered


Backrooms is a strange world that is in a different reality. Getting there is very easy, especially for people who do not want it. You might just trip on your way home and noclipp out of your reality. To find a way out, if there is one at all, you will need to explore different levels. However, you are not alone here. And now we will tell you about Skin-Stealers in Backrooms.

What are Skin-Stealers in Backrooms?

While exploring the Backrooms world you need to be very careful as you may come across different Essences. These creatures may be like humans, like monsters, or may not be made of flesh at all. And while not all of them prey on you, it’s best to avoid them.

In the case of Skin-Stealers, not everything is so simple. These are huge humanoid creatures of pale yellow color. Their skin is covered all over with microscopic suckers, which they can use very conveniently for camouflage.

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When they are not hungry, they simply wander around the first 4 levels. However, hungry Skin-Stealers will tear you apart with their inhuman strength. And after that, they will put on your skin. Their microscopic suckers can stick to the skin and stretch it in such a way that a huge humanoid turns into an ordinary person. Moreover, this skin will be warm and soft like a real person. And in this form, Skin-Stealers wander around until they digest the skin and get hungry again.

It’s hard to distinguish them from real people. In their disguise, they can even imitate the speech of humans. However, they will not understand what you are saying. Also, if you hurt them, you will see translucent blood, and the wound will immediately heal.

That’s all you need to know about Skin-Stealers. When exploring the Backrooms, you must be extremely careful, and if you see translucent blood, immediately run. We hope this article will help you.

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What are Skin-Stealers in Backrooms? – Answered


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