What Are Base Rewards in Fortnite and How to Claim Them?

What Are Base Rewards in Fortnite and How to Claim Them?

Fortnite has a new Chapter 3 Season 1 that brings a lot to the game, for example, new locations, equipment, and skins. And also players can get cool rewards in the new Battle Pass. In this guide, we are going to tell you about Base Rewards. Let’s get started!

What Are Base Rewards and How to Claim Them?

And so Base Rewards are rewards that aren’t available to you as soon as you unlock a new rewards page. Take page 6 of the awards in Battle Pass, for example. After you have taken all the awards from the fifth page, you can unlock the awards on the sixth page for the Battle Stars. However, Gumbo Outfit is still not available. To be able to pick it up, you need to spend Battle Stars and claim all the other awards on this page. This is called Base Rewards.

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Moreover, we highly recommend claiming absolutely all awards, even if you don’t like them. The first reason is that otherwise, you will not be able to claim rewards from the following pages. But more importantly, if you go to the bonus rewards tab in the Battle Pass, you will see that you will need to claim all rewards to unlock the first bonus page.

If you have enough Battle Stars you can claim all the rewards from the page in one go. Earning Battle Stars is easy, you just need to play and complete absolutely all Battle Pass quests. The most convenient mode for completing quests is Team Rumble. We hope this guide was useful to you.

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What Are Base Rewards in Fortnite and How to Claim Them?


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