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What Are Apex Shadow Ho-Oh’s Stats in Pokemon Go?

What Are Apex Shadow Ho-Oh’s Stats in Pokemon Go?

With Niantic’s announcement of Apex Shadow Ho-oh as a big part of the upcoming Johto Tour, many players are wondering exactly how its stats are different from its ordinary counterpart. Shadow legendaries are already among the most powerful Pokemon in Go, so it makes sense that something described as an Apex Pokemon on top of that would hold a lot of promise.

Let’s take a look at how Apex Shadow Ho-oh stacks up compared to its ordinary shadow counterpart!

What Makes Apex Shadow Ho-oh Special?

The surprising truth is that Apex Shadow Ho-oh has the same base stats as any other version of Ho-oh, along with the typical shadow bonus to attack and penalty to defense. This may sound disappointing, but Apex Shadow Ho-oh does come with one huge advantage: Sacred Fire+.

Long-time Pokemon fans will recognize Sacred Fire as Ho-oh’s signature move, though it was later added to Entei in the main games as well. This move is finally coming to Go as a powerful fire type charge move. Sacred Fire is fairly powerful in and of itself, but Sacred Fire+ is even stronger.

While ordinary Sacred Fire has a base damage value of 120, Sacred Fire+ deals 135 base damage, an increase of 12.5%. While the stats are identical in player versus player combat, this is a substantial boost to what is already a legendary Pokemon’s signature move.

So What Are Apex Shadow Ho-oh’s Stats?

Apex Shadow Ho-oh doesn’t actually have any difference in its stats from ordinary Shadow Ho-oh, though it retains the typical attack bonus and defense penalty inherent to all shadow Pokemon. Instead, it features Sacred Fire+, an upgraded version of Ho-oh’s signature move that offers a 12.5% damage increase in raids and gym battles over its standard variant.

We hope that helps explain what makes Apex Shadow Ho-oh special!

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What Are Apex Shadow Ho-Oh’s Stats in Pokemon Go?


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