Westworld Mobile has been released a while back on iOS and Android, allowing mobile users to enjoy content inspired by the successful HBO TV Show. The fun, however, is about to end, as the game will be shut down in April.

Yesterday, it’s been confirmed that Westworld Mobile will be shut down on April 16th. The game has already been pulled from the App Store and Google Play Store, so only those who have the game installed on their devices can continue playing until April.

All IAPs have also been disabled, so you will only be able to purchase additional content with in-game currencies.

Westworld Mobile has been at the center of controversy a few months back when it’s been found out that the game used old code found in another popular mobile game, Fallout Shelter. A lawsuit followed, and it was eventually settled earlier this month. Judging from the timing, it seems like the game’s shutting down was among the terms for the settlement. The game hasn’t been updated in a good while, so there’s also the chance that its shutting down is unrelated to the lawsuit.


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