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Westland Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Westland Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

The wild west is calling, cowboy! Westland Survival is a new survival MMO game that is very similar to Last Day on Earth, a zombie survival game. You play as a cowboy who has just been attacked by bandits, and now you have to scrounge up supplies and survive the west.

Our Westland Survival cheats and tips will show you how to get started with surviving this outlaw’s world.

The Great American west awaits you! Westland Survival is all about crafting and keeping your needs in check, and our guide will cover all of that so let’s get started with our Westland Survival cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Clear out your home base!

When you first start out, before you even begin to consider building things, make sure to run around your home plot and clean up.

That is, pick up all of the materials and collect everything so that you have more space to build. Your home base is the one area that stays constant, so make sure you gather everything.

Start out with the essentials!

Before you can establish a base with all of the essential buildings, you will need to level up a bit first. Here’s a small list of the things you should try to build right away.

– The Bonfire will allow you to cook food to enhance their properties. Cooked Meat and other foods that are combined are much more effective, so be sure to cook your food before consumption!

– The Shoulder Bag will add 5 more slots to your inventory. This is REQUIRED, and you should aim to craft this as soon as possible.

– The Garden Bed lets you plant seeds that grow into various crops. It is another source of food, so do not sleep on it.

– The Foundry and Carpenter Table let you refine metal and wood respectively. You will need these materials for the advanced recipes.

At level 8 you will unlock the Well. You can refill your Water Jugs with the well, and it will be your main source of water. You will need to rely on other foods in the mean time to keep your thirst quenched.

Sneak attack!

Keep an eye on your radar when out in the wilderness. If you see a red arrow, tap the button on the bottom right corner of the screen to crouch. When you are crouching, you will not be detected as long as you stay out of enemies’ line of sight.

If you can manage to sneak up on an enemy and surprise attack them, you will do double damage! This only applies to the first hit, but you might be able to one-shot certain enemies.

Keep food or bandages in your Quick Slot!

On the equipment screen, you will notice one slot with a pocket icon right below your weapon slot – this is your quick slot.

You can drop items in here and you can use them quickly without having to go into your inventory. It is helpful to put things like food or bandages here, in case you need a quick patch up.

If you want, you can also put weapons in here. Activating the weapon will switch it with whatever you have equipped at the moment. If your main weapon breaks, you will automatically switch to the quick slot weapon – keep this in mind if you are going to do a lot of non-stop fighting.

Stay on the lookout for events!

Random events may occur somewhere on the world map. Caravans may crash revealing a bunch of items, and this is a great chance to scoop up some good loot.

Take a peek at the world map every now and then to see if anything is going on. If you craft the Dovecote, you can also see when the Trader events will occur.

Beware of the danger icons!

Each area on the world map has a buffalo icon over it which indicates the danger of the area.

Green means that the area is pretty safe and you do not have to worry about it.

Yellow means that the enemies are a bit stronger than normal, so come prepared.

Red means that the enemies are high level and very dangerous, so you will need to be decked out in a full set of armor with weapons to go.

That’s all for Westland Survival! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Westland Survival Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Another game that requires you to spend to get any further…. sorry it’s not going to happen! Plenty of games out there that are not run by greedy people.

    • This game is definitely NOT a game that requires paying to get you further, paying actually doesn’t really do much in this game as everything can be gotten with time and it doesn’t even take that long.

    • You can’t get it back if you didn’t die where your base is. If you die out in the wilderness, you cannot find your corpse to retrieve items. (If another player kills you they can steal it.) The only way to get stuff back is if you die at “home.”

    • If you die in a zone that resets, your body and items will be lost. If you die in an area that doesn’t reset when you leave, your body will stay there provided it has at least one item on it.

  2. At level 100 topped at 397 health bar as for the game it’s ok but getting boring now since we can’t finish bridge to explore more, still can’t find no maple trees or stuff to make weapon alloy ingots

  3. Can we steal wagon from other places. I mean there are other places in which we can see that a wagon is being made. So if i complete that will i be able to steal it or take it with me?

    • You find dead bodies that have a piece of paper or kill outlaws and they have a piece of paper. Collect 3 piece and then click on join map and it will give you a place to kill the person on the bulletin board.

  4. Okay I have the same complaint as others. I need Tar for bridge which it says tar can be found in the Town but Town is “coming soon” When exactly is “soon”? Lol! Frustrated

  5. Creators of this game!!! You need to finish this game!!! Is B.S That we cant even make the bridge or finish the wagon due to your bad planning!! There was just an update and I don’t see anything that was updated, everything still says coming soon WTF!!!!!

  6. what’s everyone’s level ?im 73 now and 632 power almost as strong as a goon lol …i know I’ve prob killed many of you befor …sorry ,not sorry …my in game name is the reaper

    • If you have it in your inventory all you need to do is walk up to a wall and place it. The hand icon next to the backpack will change into a dynamite icon when you’re close enough.

  7. If you do find my Ranch , check out the broken wagon for random helpful items , i have extra things i don’t need .. Do timed events for other items

  8. What can you do with these broken watches? I find them everywhere but can’t use or trade them anywhere.

    How do you make guns if you can’t find sulfur anywhere?


  9. if u got horses.. bring lots axe and dynamite.. the go to hackman’s house..inside the ches there is alot of valuable item such as gun and iron plate

  10. i do the spirit caves trial..not finish yet.. but basically u need to bring lots gun, a pick and healing item.. there is lots monster with over 1k power and every passage have a boss with 4k power. .before do the trial…go to samson at town..accept the quest to assamble altar..if u finish the quest u can get the tar. reach level 55 u gonna get another tar

  11. I need help rescuing the bar girl, Cora, from the bandits. I’ve cleared out the bandits den and the bandit outpost in the north. I rescued the four hostages from the outpost but I cannot find this girl!! I thought once all the bandits were dead, she would appear but she hasn’t. What should I do?!?!


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